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    Tennis Bracelets

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    What is a tennis bracelet?

    Tennis bracelets are delicate, classy bracelets with a symmetric pattern of diamonds. They are also simply known as diamond bracelets. Traditionally, it was a gold bracelet fully set with connected diamonds. These days, however, there are countless variations in precious metals and settings. The thickness, too, can vary, with the possibility to choose between a thick or thin gold bracelet with smaller or larger diamonds.


    Where does its name come from?

    The name ‘tennis bracelet’ refers to professional tennis player Chris Evert who was highly successful between 1972 and 1989. She lost her diamond bracelet, designed by George Bedewi, during the US Open in 1978. The closure of the bracelet snapped, causing the bracelet to go missing. Evert promptly asked to suspend the game until her diamond bracelet was found. As of that day, this diamond bracelet was called a tennis bracelet. Many tennis celebrities today, such as Serena Williams, wear tennis bracelets as well.


     How do I choose a gold bracelet that suits me perfectly?

    A gold bracelet is an essential in every jewellery box. A subtle chain or an eye-catching statement? That depends fully on your personal style. If you want to highlight your appearance with different jewels, it is best to choose a simple and discrete gold bracelet that complements your look. Even if you don’t wear that many jewels because of your active lifestyle, the durable yet elegant tennis bracelet is a valuable acquisition. But what if I would rather make a statement? You could choose a more eye-catching gold bracelet that fits you to a T.