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    T-Malù Logo

    The company: italian goldsmith’s excellence
    Established in 1997, Horus creates jewellery which is both of exquisite taste and yet right up to date, interpreting the needs and desires of today’s woman.

    Values: passion, experience and quality
    Thanks to the experience of three generations of Master Goldmiths, Horus differs due to an attentive eye in fashion changes, continually updating its lines, always keeping up with fashion demands. The attentive choice of materials, the precision of the handwork and the attention dedicated to quality control, linked to marketing studies make Horus a benchmark for the jewellery sector. Horus is structured to be both flexible and modern, sensitive to market requirements and continues to look for new solutions in design and in modern market technology.

    TMalù Collections list

    T.Malù Jewelry Collection

    T.Malù Jewelry: for important traditional times.

    Deap feelings accompany the chic elegant woman who wears jewellery from T.Malù Collection, where the colour of gold and rare beauty of the diamonds come together to give life to precious harmonies of modern design, always attentive to detail and new trends guaranteed always to excite the sense.

    Model wearing T-Malù jewellery

    T.Malù Wedding rings: for men and women.
    A testimony of everlasting love

    An encounter, a wish, a detail capable of making you fall in love, the seal of a love which become a way of narrating and sharing ones emotions. The T.Malù wedding rings are the most precious and classical choice for those who desire to crown their dreams in the best of traditions. T.Malù wedding rings are hand made and guaranteed. They come in an elegant box with personalized dedication to the newly weds to be.

    T-Malù Wedding rings Collection

    T-Malù 925 Collection

    T-Malù 925: dedicated to the young generation, but not only.

    T.Malù 925 has created a new line in silver, precious stones and coloured enamel. Details which seem to tell of a past journey, a happy memory a fleeting colour. Silver jewellery to mix and match giving a host of different solutions are an ideal choice for today’s trendy gift.

    T.Malù – Luxury Collection
    Economy line:

    The perfection given to the finishing touches and the simplicity of the style make the Luxury collection a competitive priced product and easy to wear for the woman of today.

    T.Malù Luxury Collection

    Horus Jewels Collection for men

    Horus – Jewels for men
    Design and quality:

    Horus designs and makes jewellery for men. Its design is innovative and in its precious details it brings out the characteristic of these classic in a new, refined modern solution, insuring both quality and style to the custmer. The jewellery in this collection is made up of gold, diamonds and precious stone.

    HORUS DIAMOND – certified diamonds
    A touch of ligth

    On the strength of Horus’s great passion for diamonds. Horus has become a benchmark for those looking for authenticity and guarantee. With the complicity of modern instruments and qualified gemologists Horus Diamonds sorts, selects and certifies purity, colour and cut of each diamond, which is then carefully valued and sealed in a blister pack with its personal certificate of the stone’s details, for the owner’s pleasure.

    HORUS DIAMOND -  certified diamonds