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    Rossanigo gioielli



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    Rossanigo Gioielli was born in Valenza in 1974 by Luigi Rossanigo. The goldsmith's workshop It stands out already in the first years of activity for the artistic style marked by the realization of jewels. The innovative design immediately projects the company among the most important names in the gold sector. Over the years Rossanigo Gioielli in addition to maintaining this vanguard spirit he carries out design research also following the indications dictated by the aesthetic taste of new realities. His constant search for the originality of the works and in the care of details makes Rossanigo Gioielli one of the most beautiful and evaluated realities in the panorama of Valenza and world gold art.



    I grew up knowing that this is an ancient job with many rules to respect in order to be properly executed. A "craftsman" work is defined, that is it is created manually by man, therefore it is a human creation. It is designed by the mind of man. It is made by human hands. It is used by man The personality of every human is different and therefore allows to create Unique objects, thanks to his experience and his personal aesthetic taste he chooses metals and precious stones to match.

    Fashions change as the seasons change too but Jewel undoubtedly remains a timeless luxury. It can enrich an already precious moment, bringing us back to the memory of a party for 18 years, an engagement, a wedding, a birth or a link with those who preceded us and who thanks to this object accompanies us in life. A jewel is made to last over time and to talk about us over time. If I can choose, I choose to buy the best.