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    JULY & AUGUST 2018

    Chances often arise, as everybody well knows, as solution to critical situations. Massimiliano Brustia -entrepreneur and expert in online business, marketing, digital communication and luxury management – has seen plenty of these critical situations among the goldsmiths companies in Valenza, his hometown and home of the Made in Italy Jewelry, that in the latest times has been overwhelmed by the economic crisis. “The problem was always the same: small and medium sized enterprises with unsold stock of very beautiful jewels, without any means and resources to enter the new foreign markets” explains Brustia. From problem to solution: the idea of an innovative fully digital channel, entirely dedicated to the small, medium sized enterprises of the goldsmith Made in Italy in order to give them value and make their products internationally visible without any effort of large investment. Also buyers find advantages: they are offered a great discount, prices are reduced by an average 40 – 50% on the shop ones. “Doralia is the only Italian marketplace of this kind today; we offer only Made in Italy Jewelry to 20 European countries. In the Doralia website every item is shown through three different images, with a description of material and price. Furthermore, every manufacturer can enter information about his/her own history, production characteristics, the uniqueness of his/her local district and so on. “The real innovative aspect is that it is a website where people can upload their products on their own and they are granted a seven day trial period. – explains Massimiliano Brustia – This way there will be a credited gateway of Italian goldsmith companies representing all manufacturing districts in our Country, even the smallest and niche ones and they will be able to decide whether to sell online their stock or, to promote established lines or new collections. The only constraint of consistency is the price range: from 300 – 400 euro to 10 – 12000 euro each item”. Very interesting is also that Doralia deals directly with logistics, undertaking insurance, quality control (on each jewel), packaging, returns management and customer care.

    SEPTEMBER 2018

    VICENZA ORO 2018 - SEPTEMBER First of all, Doralia wants to thank the VicenzaOro management for giving us the opportunity to be present as a digital companies, among thousands of manufacturing companies. Doralia was the first digital company to display at an international fair. The world of the jewelry is slowly trying to change and Doralia is proposing itself as a vehicle to help this change. We’ve had a lot of new contacts of companies whom wish to understand how our platform works and the advantages of having a digital channel that helps their channels be more present in foreign markets. It was a very constructive experience that allowed us to go deep into many trade flows of companies working on the market for a very long time

    MARCH/JUNE 2019

    Doralia’s luxury e-Commerce is one of the 120 innovative Italian startups companies on the 2019 Global #Startup Program. We’ll work hard to become the biggest #digital channels for the Italian jewellery in the World. #madeinitaly #itatradeagency #MISE #ice #startupbusiness #businessdevelopment #globalization MiSE Global Startup Program: The Made in Italy goes on Erasmus. The beneficiaries of the project are Italian startups not yet present in the international market with a core business focused on the following sectors:

    • - ICT: blockchain, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, fintech;
    • - Automotive and robotics: batteries and electric cars, autonomous driving, future mobility, car sharing apps and related web services;
    • - Medtech: medical equipment and apps, life sciences;
    • - Circular economy: innovative materials and substitutes for plastics;

    MicheleGeraci, Undersecretary for Economic Development said: “In this first phase we will finance 20 startups per country, so 120 in total, we will then consider extending the program to other countries: we have already started talks, for example, with India and Israel”.