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    JULY 2019

    The digital ambassador of the Italian jewelry will land on the US

    This Startup Company is focused on became the main stream of Italian SMEs

    " Being a locomotive that pulls the wagons of the very small, small and medium enterprises of the goldsmith sector onto the US market ".This is the goal set by Doralia, the company founded in 2018 by Massimiliano Brustia with a partner. The company was selected by the Global Startup Program, a call from the Economic Development Ministry and the ICE (Italian Trade Agency), among the 100 innovative startups with the highest potential for market internationalization and the only digital in the jewellery sector. 41 years old, graduated in Geology with mineralogy at the University of Pavia, he has worked on renewable energy, acoustics, never in the jewelry sector. Then the turning point but, and he wants to say it, " it was not a case ",because it was preceded by trips to 14 European countries and made 158 interviews with goldsmith companies in Valenza and the surrounding areas " to understand about their needs ". And in 2018, Doralia was born " to allow digital to be taken to smaller companies, selling their products abroad, often of very high quality but not known outside national borders ".

    To date there are about thirty companies that have joined (mostly from Valenza) but the business plan wants to reach 100 in 2020 and a thousand within five years, and the digital showcase is aimed at Europe. But now, thanks to the startup, the goal is the States, a market where spaces are as wide as the prairie. "We asked to work three months in New York, from July to September, as we will have the opportunity to network and meet potential partners for the development of the platform in the United States, having a base in the Forty-seventh Street - says Brustia - This is the first time ever in which Italian gold companies will be able, through a common digital platform, to present themselves to the American market with their jewels and their collections, even the smallest goldsmiths who would never have even had the possibility of having an Italian sales network ". The choice of the USA has simply fallen because the startup has already been operating in Europe for about six months and membership is growing. Physically, however, the company is currently present in Valenza and Milan but intends to open offices in Vicenza, Arezzo, Napoli, or in all the main centers where the sector has developed in the Peninsula with a market potential of 9000 goldsmiths.


    A powerful thanks to Rai - Radiotelevisione Italiana for the TV report entirely dedicated to the #globalstartupprogram specially focused on the startups in New York City working at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator.

    NEW YORK - Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator Doralia and the other great companies CRIPTALIA, Caracol, GardenStuff, Avatr, PlusBiomedicals e Cydera have almost close their incredible #NewYork journey, achieving key results and learning to follow a new empathetic mindset called "#visionfirst”. Yes, because in US, specially in New York, you learn to think big. It’s the key of success. Here we are, to make it real. #Thinkbig.