Our story


    From the crisis that has hit the Italian market of luxury craftsmanship, to the appreciation of the value of its products.
    - Access to the largest product warehouse in the world
    - The Country (Italy) of origin and its fascinating stories will never be replicated
    - Made in Italy is recognized as the third most important brand in the world by web searches
    -The depth, breadth and consistency of a range of products from numerous manufacturers.
    - Use of a data set based on a number of sales products that is much higher than any other brand
    - Scalability: the ability to reach different target customers in different world markets using targeted marketing to scale the best ready-to-buy luxury online markets.


    The opening of a channel rooted in a specific market allows small and less structured entities, such as Made in Italy SMEs, to access markets other- wise inaccessible through the Doralia platform.
While Italian products are in great demand in all international markets and while traditional distribution only partially meets this demand, Doralia aims to ensure that online channels become an accelerator for the Made in Italy jewelry makers. Having always worked behind some famous brands, Doralia will apply art and luxury to give voice to Italian jewelry makers and make their presence unique and unrepeatable.


    Opportunities, as it is known, often arise as solutions to critical situations. Critics came from more or less wide, medium-small gold companies with unsold jewelry stocks, without the means and resources to present themselves to new markets, explains M. Brustia, CEO and Founder of Doralia. Hence the idea of an innovative channel, completely digital, dedicated to Made in Italy jewelry SMEs to enhance and give international visibility to their products without the need for huge investments. The new customer in the digital world will have the advantage of buying quality pieces at almost half than stores.  Doralia today is the only Italian marketplace of this kind: " our first step, continues Brustia, is to present Made in Italy jewelry in Europe and USA, guaranteeing wide visibility through digital channels and particular focusing on  communication throughout different Social Networks, in collaboration with industry Influencers. "


    Online luxury sales increased by 37% last 5 years in U.S., faster than general sales in the same year, which rose 7%. It is estimated that luxury ecommerce sales will reach about US $40 billion in the next two years. Luxury shopping is all about the product experience with less focus on the product itself. A 360° digital experience will enhance the overall customer experience for these luxury goods. Mobile also plays a big role. Consumers buying luxury brands are usually highly absor- bed in smartphones, mobile’s influence in omni-channel retail is expected to significantly grow over the coming years. By 2020 mobile is expected to influence 90% or more of omni-channel retail, with $5 trillion in mobile-influenced sales in the U.S. Doralia will seek to cater to the most diverse customer experience and will be responsive to any device.


    Doralia provides services at 360 degrees
    + Reserved and protected access to portal

    + Easy and intuitive uploading process

    + Private WebPage for any goldsmith on Doralia
    + Digital Marketing

    + Social Media Commerce
+ Packaging included
+ Shipping included
+ Insurances included
+ Jewelry quality check before shipping

    + Returns and changes management
+ Phisical office for any requests on the district