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    Faces lava stone earrings

    Faces lava stone earrings
    2.040,00 $


    Artisanal earrings 18 kt yellow gold, face engraved on lava stone. Important presence of a pair of burnished silver disk just to create a bit of thickness. The last artistic part of earring is composed by red lapillus. The faces of the lava stone being engraved by hand, although similar, will never be identical, therefore each earring becomes unique.

    Italian goldsmith Ivan Barbato
    Metal yellow gold and silver
    Weight 8.4 gr gold, 5 gr silver
    Gems lava stone and red volcanic lapillus


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    Doralia's code    2018-5019-0028

    Made in Italy
    Product made in Italy, synonymous with quality and design creativity.

    Product code:ib028

    2.040,00 $

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    Ivan Barbato Logo


    The choice of materials to be combined with precious metals is quite wide, but what makes the jewel unique is the skill of the craftsman, the attention to detail, the choice of a style to follow and the right techniques to be used. The thing that lends more importance is the craftsmanship of the execution, the constant goal is to make pieces with a high level of technical quality, each of them must know how to talk about themselves ...


    There are in particular some styles that influence the aesthetic character of the pieces made by Ivan Barbato, largely they stand out clearly in three categories: special attention is paid to the technique of the fretwork inspired by a Florentine Renaissance style, an equally important role is played by the Art Nouveau style, in which a whole series

    naturalistic theme where flora, fauna and hybrid bodies create a union between them. Finally, particularly figurative pieces are made following what the owner thinks is a typically Mediterranean jewelry, that is, all that series of jewels in which the various precious metal frames are decorated with corals, turquoise, lava stones and shells.

    The Traforo is an artisanal work that consists in cutting and drilling sheets of thin metal, with small steel blades, following a drawing. The various parts thus obtained are assembled with small welding points, finished and polished.

    Cutting and drilling metal with small steel blades

    Liberty Style

    Decoration process with Liberty style

    Often when you are faced with an Art Nouveau jewel you can not help but be amazed by its beauty: the decorations in glazes, typical of this period, and the delicate lines that usually possess give them elegance and refinement. More than precious gems, the Liberty style has brought with it a greater attention to the work of the goldsmith who, in this period, has often had the opportunity to fully express its artistic vein giving life to jewelry very rich in details: true and their own works of art.

    The richness of the decorations, therefore, is one of the elements that tends to characterize the Liberty style jewels. The goldsmith worked gold and silver inspired by natural elements (animals and plants mainly) or the world of symbolism. Moreover, he often used enamels with very delicate colors to complete his work of art. Extremely precious gems were rarely used: usually soft-colored stones like aquamarine and amethyst were preferred; in some cases small brilliants were chosen. The value of the Liberty-style jewel was therefore given mainly by the decoration and the type of workmanship that the jeweler had used in its realization.

    Enameling process with Liberty style

    Mediterranean Jewelry

    Decoration of metal with Mediterranean style

    Finally, particularly figurative pieces are made following what the owner thinks is a typically Mediterranean jewelry, that is, all that series of jewels in which the various precious metal frames are decorated with corals, turquoise, lava stones and shells.


    The goldsmith workshop of Ivan Barbato was born in 2008 following a professional career started in 1995 and consolidated over the years through the work experience gained at several laboratories in the sector. Stimulated by a continuous passion for art and for all that represents beauty, the goldsmith Ivan Barbato has developed over time different technical skills that today allow him to make very special jewels that are often considered unique pieces.

    Award achieved during Jacopo da Trezzo contest in 2017

    Award achieved during an Artisan contest in 2011

    The jewels that he creates are the result of a meticulous work that is still carried out in a totally artisan way, using techniques of work that are rooted in a distant past. Particular attention is paid to metal modeling, tunneling and wax modeling; it does not matter if the piece to be made contains precious, semiprecious or non-precious stones, the important thing is to create something with the unique charm that can go through time each time.

    Brand Ivan Barbato
    Type Earrings
    Metal Silver_Gold
    Metal Color Yellow_White
    Carat / Title 18KT
    Craftsmanship Italian
    Authentication Made in Italy

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