Guasco Gioielli

    The “Guasco Gioielli” jewellery company was founded in 1959 by the goldsmith Guasco Bruno. Their jewellery production was carried out by his father until 1998 when his sons Gianluca and Fabio embarked on their journey toward new challenges. They trying to create everything related to the classic jewellery and introducing in their creations some alternative materials such as natural rubber (caucciù), leather, steel and marine rope, all combined with gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones.

    The company still today performs every jewel by hand, as it once was. Starting from an idea, the company has the necessary know-how for the design, the creation of the model and the entire process between the realisation and sale on market. The “Guasco Gioielli” jewellery company carries out all kind of jewel specifically taylor made with your desires and needs, also carries out all fixing up your jewelry need, whether antique or modern.

    1 - Nautical-style pendants and bracelets, created using different materials, representing nautical flags, customised with letters of the alphabet you desire and beautiful enamelled nautical symbols.

    2 - Bracelets with customised writings, setting with names or words, created on various sizes that can be made of your choice in gold or silver and with precious and non-precious stones.

    3 - Bracelets made with marine rope, available on various sizes, made using sea rope of various colors setting with objects, also with precious gems.

    4 - Gold and steel bracelets, created on various sizes, made using steel rope setting with beautiful different gold motifs.

    5 - Pendants, Earrings and Chokers in Gold created on various sizes, representing letters, symbols, crosses, also setting with or without precious stones.