Care & Cleaning




    There are some Gemstones that should not be put in the Ultrasonic Cleaner. Some stones should not be Heated by Torch Heat or even a Steam Cleaner. There are some stones that have been “Enhanced” in some way or another. These stones should be cleaned by hand. You could fade your stone, or you could damage or crack your stone! Some gems, have been treated like so: waxed, heat treated, dyed, irradiated, coated, color enhanced, cavity filled, diffused, oiled, or even fused together to make the stones look better, hide the Inclusions or flaws in them and bring out the color.


    Follow this guide

    Below is a listing of gemstones that you can clean normally, which means you can put them in Ultrasonic Cleaners (even heated ones), you can apply torch heat to them, and you can put them under a Steam Cleaner! That way your stones stay bright, clean and new looking. Other stones that have been enhanced will need to be cleaned by hand, using warm water and a soft brush to gently scrub away the debris. But do not use hard abrasives or chemicals on delicate or enhanced gemstones. This means no Alcohol, no solvents, and no bleach!


    Gems Needing Normal Cleaning

    Here’s a list of gemstones that are fine to clean anyway you can. Either by hand, in an Ultrasonic Cleaner, or even a Steam Cleaner. These stones hold up the best, that’s not to say that care shouldn’t be taken, but you normally won’t have any issues or problems with these gems:

    - Amethyst
    - Aquamarine
    - Alexandrite
    - Aventurine
    - Citrine
    - Diamonds (White)

    - Garnet
    - Hematite
    - Iolite
    - Quartz
    - Tsavorite
    - White Onyx


    Gems Needing Special Care

    These gems listed below should be cleaned by hand only:

    - Agates
    - Amber
    - Black Onyx
    - Black Opals
    - Black Pearls
    - Blue Onyx
    - Blue Topaz
    - Blue Zircon
    - Colored Diamonds
    - Copper

    - Coral
    - Costume Jewelry
    - Filled Diamonds
    - Green Onyx
    - Jade
    - Jadeite
    - Lapis Lazuli
    - Malachite
    - Marcasite
    - Mosaic Opals

    - Mosaic Opals
    - Nephrite
    - Opal
    - Opal Doublets
    - Opal Triplets
    - Pearls
    - Peridot
    - Pink Topaz
    - Pink Tourmaline
    - Ruby

    - Sapphire
    - Synthetic Stones
    - Tanzanite
    - Tiger’s Eye
    - Topaz
    - Tungsten
    - Tourmaline
    - Turquoise
    - Yellow Topaz


    Heat Treated Stones

    Many stones like: Colored Diamonds, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Topaz, Tourmaline and Zircon, have been heat treated to make their colors richer, darker and more vibrant. Putting these stones in heat or hot light may fade their colors, dry out the stone, and even crack them in half. Always clean your stones by hand, and don’t leave them sit in the cleaning solution too long. I would say 5-15 minutes max. Or, you can take them to a local jewelry store and get a professionally cleaning, as well as an Inspection of your mounting and prongs. Keep your gems cleaned often. Every week or so keeps debris from building up on the stones and causing damage. Cleaning them will keep things like dirt, cosmetics, hair sprays, Cologne, perfume and lotions from harming your stones. Keep them away from harmful chemicals like detergents, bleach or acids. Those can dissolve dyes, resins, color agents, waxes, coatings, polish, plastic, and epoxy.