Bobbetto Gioielli



    Roberto Bovo (a.k.a. Bobo or Bobbetto) was born in the last century in Trissino-Vicenza-Veneto (where he currently lives and works as a goldsmith); a land of tough but "honest", small entrepreneurs (often self-made men) who turned Italy into being efficient and creative - - as it is know all over the world.
    A natural bent for manual work... which developed between the art school and the family workshop.

    Raised in a family of overzealous craftmen, in 2012 he decided to take a sabbatical and leave his family run company to face a different world, develop personally and enjoy that part of life the he had seemed to have know (due to work commitments). .






    Perfect soft shapes...

    that tempt...

    are pleasant to wear....

    almost to bite into.



    Sausages Party




    A line with an ironic more than cryptic name, dedicated to a group of German friends who morally supported Bobbetto starting with his first step in the fashion and ceramic world.





    The Corallo line was born from the idea of replicating an "attractive" but very precious organic material.

    - Precious because it takes years to grow a few centimetres.

    - Precious because it is essential in nature for the creation of fabulous atolls and lagoons and to offer pretection to thousands of      sea species.

    - Precious because it has always been present in different civilizations and their beliefs as an ornament, driving away illness and    bad luck.

    *(it may not be appreciated by shamans, but in its own way Bobbetto's coral helps to preserve the coral heritage still present in nature)