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    About us


    Made in Italy



    Opening a marketplace that is rooted in a specific market allows small and less structured realities, such as Made in Italy SMEs, to access otherwise inaccessible markets through the Doralia platform.

    While Italian products are in high demand in all international markets and while traditional distribution only partially satisfies this demand, Doralia aims to ensure that online channels will become an accelerator for the Made in Italy brand.

    Having always worked behind a few famous brands, Doralia will apply art and luxury to give voice to Italian jewelers and will make their presence unique and unrepeatable. 



    Mixed Story Telling 


    Doralia will win the trust of end consumers through sophisticated storytelling, including the stories behind:

    - each creation

    - high quality Italian goldsmiths

    - the specialised production processes required to get to the finished piece, through the precision and dedication of master goldsmiths.

    Doralia will provide the history of jewellers’ workshops going back centuries. For the first time on the Internet, all available digital media will be used to add to the value of jewels which are made in Italy. 


    Value Proposition



    Open the market for the first time to handcrafted Italian jewels and to tell the story of small and medium-sized producers and bring them to a global market which they would never have reached alone, target the sale of unsold stock reaching, over time, an ongoing production.


    Unmatched globally thanks to the direct line between end consumer and jeweller, without intermediaries.

    Premium online service

    With dedicated experts by the day, 3D trial models, easely of purchase, fast delivery and simplified management of returns and substitutions.




    Doralia will become the most authoritative online source of inspiration and confidence in the knowledge and purchase abroad of Made in Italy jewels and the reference portal for all those who have always been fascinated by astonishing Italian creations. 




    Doralia will:

    - Tailor its offering to different target customers, depending on the national markets, cultures, traditions, digital e-commerce   development, mobile commerce penetration, quantity and average price of online shopping

    -  Focus on achieving the correct target through accurate A / B testing in all national markets

    - Engage the end customer’s senses, revealing colors, scents, romance, passion, love, ambition, desire and, using   state of the art web   designory, an incredibly realistic visualization of the product to specifically engage the customer

    -  Offer exceptional after sales service, including themed sales, special events and anniversaries, special gifts and best sellers.





    Unique positioning 

    From a crisis an opportunity was born.


    From the crisis which has hit the Italian luxury crafts market, to the appreciation of the value of its products, starting from the placement of unsold stock to arrive at direct production.


    - Access to the larger item’ stock existing worldwide

    - The country (Italy) of origin and its fascinating stories will never be replicated

    - Made in Italy is recognized as the world’s third most important brand by web searches

    - The depth, breadth and consistency of a range of products coming from numerous producers.

    - Use of a data set based on a number of sale products which is much higher than any other Brand

    - Scalability: the possibility to reach different target customers in different national markets, using targeted marketing