A Precious History

    Made in Italy, it's truly something to see



    Italy is known around the world as a place where fashion, jewelry and luxury combine for gorgeous, artistic designs fit for the royals. In fact, Italy has beencalled, “a powerhouse in the European jewelry industry.”


    Current statistics show that Italy processes 500 tons of fine gold and 1,400 tons of silver every year forjewelry production.








    In addition, there are more than 10,000 companies in the jewelry industry in Italy, employing approximately 40,000 people.


    You might say jewelry is big, beautiful business in Italy.







    Using mostly yellow gold, sterling silver and Murano glass, these talented jewelry makers have taken the art of jewelry design to another level of style and excellence.


    Walking down the streets of Italy, you can watch Italian artisans engrave their creations, fire their glassworks, and work with natural substances such as coral and other shells. It’s truly something to see.